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What products have risen most in price in Portugal?

Fresh hake (67 percent) and broccoli (47 percent) saw the biggest increases in prices between March 1 and August 31, while...
In News, Portugal, Economy - 03 Oct 2022, 19:06

New petition to end bullfighting in Portugal

In News, Portugal - 03 Oct 2022, 18:05

32 reservoirs with less than 40% water

In News, Portugal - 03 Oct 2022, 17:03

More Brits now able to obtain new residency card

In News - 03 Oct 2022, 15:46

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03 Oct 2022, 15:04

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Plans to cut motorway speed limits

In News, Portugal - 02 Oct 2022, 20:04

Melanoma increases due to benign disease - Not sunlight

In Opinion - 02 Oct 2022, 16:02

Portugal given single-use plastics deadline

In News, Portugal - 02 Oct 2022, 12:02

Heat waves and dust clouds return to Portugal

In News, Portugal - 03 Oct 2022, 20:02

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02 Oct 2022, 15:02

Energy bills rising from tomorrow – what you need to know

In News, Portugal - 30 Sep 2022, 14:29



Body in river could be missing Algarve woman

The authorities have today recovered from the Gilão river, in Tavira, a body that could be that of a woman who was reported...
In News, Portugal, Algarve - 03 Oct 2022, 13:51

Rental prices up 42% since 2017

The value of rents has not stopped rising in the last five years in Portugal and reached...
In News, Portugal, Property - 03 Oct 2022, 13:04

Manchester United have “disrespected” Ronaldo

In News, Sport - 03 Oct 2022, 12:03

Negative impact of more Lisbon night flights highlighted

In Portugal, News - 03 Oct 2022, 10:01

State earns €580,000 a day from lotteries and scratch cards

In News, Portugal - 03 Oct 2022, 08:08

Former President accuses Costa and Government of "immobilism"

In News, Portugal, Politics - 02 Oct 2022, 13:03

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Surf Experience Music Festival returns to Lagos

The Surf Experience Lagos Music Festival has smashed their crowdfunder goal reaching over €6,000 for local charities!
In Community, Algarve, Other Events - 02 Oct 2022, 19:01

Younger-looking skin

When considering undergoing a medical procedure to rejuvenate the skin, it is crucial to...
In Health for the new age

Melanoma increases due to benign disease - Not sunlight

I was recently sent a report from the British Journal of Dermatology which...
In Opinion

AlgarveLisbonPorto & NorthAlentejoCentralMadeira & Azores

What Portugal can achieve at the 2022 World Cup

Portugal play their final international fixtures against Czech Republic and Spain before the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The...
In Sport, Portugal, World - 03 Oct 2022, 19:01

Monkeypox cases continue to rise

The number of confirmed cases of infection with the Monkeypox virus in Portugal rose to...
In News, Portugal - 02 Oct 2022, 11:02

1,600 elderly victims supported in 2021

In News, Portugal - 02 Oct 2022, 10:03

Looking for the best MBA in the world? Portugal has two

In News, Business, Portugal - 01 Oct 2022, 19:01

Fuel prices to rise again

In News, Portugal - 01 Oct 2022, 17:01

Editor's Choice

“Uniting the country” with new high speed rail link

In News, Portugal - 28 Sep 2022, 13:04

EuropeUnited KingdomNorth AmericaSouth AmericaAsiaAfrica

Shakira in hot water

The international pop star, Shakira, is to face trial in Spain over alleged tax fraud. 
In Europe, World - 03 Oct 2022, 19:31

Population boom

The population of Germany has reached a new high of 84 million due to Ukraine refugees...
In Europe, World - 03 Oct 2022, 18:31

WW2 pilot buried

In Europe, World - 03 Oct 2022, 16:31

Brussels proposes €300 million in extra funding for Portugal

In News, Portugal, Europe - 01 Oct 2022, 14:03

Portuguese with dual nationality in Russia may be called to war

In News, Portugal, World - 29 Sep 2022, 10:03

EconomyCompany NewsFinanceConsumer RightsCrypto

British company investing €25 million in modernising business park

The four-year project will involve the modernisation of facilities and collaborative spaces, both for visitors and employees.
In News, Portugal, Business, Company News - 01 Oct 2022, 15:03

Costa justifies change of position on pensions

Prime Minister, António Costa, has justified changing his position on the application of...
In News, Portugal, Economy - 01 Oct 2022, 11:03

Yearly wage increases “subject to conditions”

In News, Business, Portugal - 30 Sep 2022, 12:06

Inflation at highest value since October 1992

In News, Portugal, Economy - 30 Sep 2022, 11:36


Portuguese buyers lead the charge as house prices rise

by António Barbosa REALTOR® at Infinite Solutions by Antonio Barbosa Source: INE (Institute for...
In Invest - 30 Sep 2022, 13:31

Comporta and Melides, the hidden gems in Portugal

by Dadinha Forte Silva - Commercial Director at Porta da Frente | Christie's
In Invest - 22 Sep 2022, 11:33

Porto Residential Market

In Invest - 16 Sep 2022, 13:01

New demand profiles in Lisbon are clamouring for new supply in the prime residential segment

In Invest - 12 Sep 2022, 17:01

Rising interest rates are not all bad news

In Invest - 05 Sep 2022, 17:01

Buying Property in Lisbon is Easy, How About Managing It?

In Invest - 29 Aug 2022, 18:01

Why have RBI investments become a high-net-worth essential?

In Invest - 24 Aug 2022, 09:01

Right sizing your cash holdings for your life abroad

In Invest, Business - 19 Aug 2022, 18:02

Significant Opportunities in the Environmental Social and Governance Investment Space

In Invest - 19 Aug 2022, 14:01

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Berry is back

Fans of Berry’s recipes won’t be disappointed by her latest offering. “There are some classic things that I’ve relooked...
In Lifestyle, Recipes, Food & Drink - 03 Oct 2022, 20:01

Arthroplasty and specialized foot and ankle unit: excellence in orthopedics

In Health, Lifestyle - 30 Sep 2022, 10:01

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Top attractions in Portugal revealed

Tiqets has announced the national winners of the Remarkable Venue Awards, awards that recognise the best museums and attractions...
In Portugal, Lifestyle, Tourism - 29 Sep 2022, 20:04

Portuguese companies forecasting salary increases

Positioning Portugal as a country “to live and work”

The Minister of Labour and Social Solidarity, Ana Mendes Godinho has said that “wants...
In News, Portugal, Tourism, Business - 28 Sep 2022, 19:05

Air France increases capacity in Portugal

In News, Tourism, Europe - 28 Sep 2022, 08:02


Rents increase by 8.6%

Lisbon Metropolitan Area remains the most expensive place to rent a property in Portugal.
In News, Portugal, Property - 30 Sep 2022, 10:03

Avenidas Novas: everything you need, every day

Located in the heart of Lisbon city centre, the Avenidas Novas area has a wide range...
In Lisbon, Property, Portugal - 29 Sep 2022, 11:01

Albufeira pharmacies have not experienced any issues in meeting test demands

Where are the cheapest places to buy in Portugal?

In News, Portugal, Property - 26 Sep 2022, 11:05

Find your perfect property in Portugal

In Portugal, Property - 26 Sep 2022, 09:04


Emblematic Algarve Walking Routes

Fly with Ryanair; easyJet; Transavia; or British Airways and be amazed by the Algarve's most emblematic routes.
In Algarve, Sport - 03 Oct 2022, 10:01

Train smarter, not harder!

With minimal time investment, EMS provides great results and promises to improve your...
In Lifestyle, Sport, Algarve - 29 Sep 2022, 19:01

All putts lead to The Algarve for the Portugal Masters

In Portugal, Sport, Algarve - 28 Sep 2022, 20:01

Figo plays in zero gravity football game

In News, Portugal, Sport - 28 Sep 2022, 17:02

Portugal defeat leaves all eyes on Ronaldo

In News, Sport, Portugal - 28 Sep 2022, 13:24

Ronaldo plans to participate in Euro2024

In News, Sport, Portugal - 21 Sep 2022, 11:09

Is Ronaldo going to be in the Portugal team?

In News, Sport, Portugal - 20 Sep 2022, 18:05


200 year old King's heart set to arrive in Porto

The heart of King D. Pedro returns to Porto early this afternoon after being part of the celebrations of the bicentenary of...
In News, Weird - 09 Sep 2022, 13:01

Boris Johnson emerges as most popular prime minister… among novelty jug buyers

Boris Johnson’s popularity in Parliament remains high among shoppers after he topped...
In Weird - 06 Aug 2022, 16:01

Anne, eight, breaks record by naming every capital and currency in the world

In Weird - 25 Jul 2022, 20:01

The Rolling Stones invite Ukrainian choir to perform on stage in Vienna

In Curiosity , Weird, Music - 19 Jul 2022, 18:01

Living chess set featuring 32 actors turns heads at London’s ChessFest

In Weird - 19 Jul 2022, 17:01

‘Greeters Guild’ comedian waves baffled Man City players off on pre-season tour

In Weird - 19 Jul 2022, 08:01

YouTuber gets planning permission for tunnel under his garden to bunker

In Weird - 25 Jun 2022, 18:01

Drone deliveries for school lunches

In Weird - 19 Jun 2022, 14:02

UFO’s being studied in Vila do Conde

In News, Portugal, Weird - 18 May 2022, 15:06


Government not renewing state of alert

The Government has today decided not to renew the state of alert in mainland Portugal due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
In News, COVID-19, Portugal - 29 Sep 2022, 14:08

Covid-19 transmission index up again

The transmissibility index (Rt) of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus rose again in Portugal to 1...
In COVID-19, News, Portugal - 29 Sep 2022, 11:06

Vaccination to be moved to health centres

Nearly 250,000 people vaccinated against Covid-19

In News, Portugal, COVID-19 - 25 Sep 2022, 11:03

Other News

Where Is Everybody? (The Human Speed Limit)

I’m writing this on a plane to Greenland – well, actually, on a plane to Denmark,...
In Opinion - 03 Oct 2022, 18:01

Babi Yar : A Remembrance

EDITOR, We should  remember  that 29 September was the...
In Letters - 03 Oct 2022, 10:46

In GoDP do we trust

EDITOR, In a statement just released,  the OECD´s chief economist, Àlvaro...
In Letters - 03 Oct 2022, 10:32

A "sick person" with his finger hovering over the nuclear button

There are renewed concerns about Russia launching a tactical nuclear attack. It...
In Opinion - 02 Oct 2022, 13:01

St Vincent de Paul

Vincent was born in Pouy, France. He grew up in poverty and was educated by...
In Curiosity - 02 Oct 2022, 11:01

Obituary – Dorothy Howlett

When tomorrow starts without me... Dorothy Howlett, née Hemingway, passed away 2nd...
In Community - 02 Oct 2022, 10:01

Mini-Libraries take reading to all of Loulé

In News - 02 Oct 2022, 09:01

"Phishing" scam warning

In News, Crime - 01 Oct 2022, 13:03

Walking through History

In Community - 01 Oct 2022, 10:01