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Ronaldo returns for training

Cristiano Ronaldo returned today (1 December) for training with the rest of the Portugal team, after having missed the training...
In News, Portugal, Sport - 01 Dec 2022, 19:04

Interpol confirms "red alert" for the arrest of Isabel dos Santos

In News, Portugal, World, Africa - 01 Dec 2022, 17:05

“No solutions in sight” for lack of airport workers

In News, Portugal, Tourism - 01 Dec 2022, 16:03

Government plans to freeze drug prices

In News, Portugal - 01 Dec 2022, 14:01

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01 Dec 2022, 11:01

Fuel prices dropping again

In News, Portugal - 26 Nov 2022, 20:02

37% more foreigners living in Portugal

In News, Portugal - 24 Nov 2022, 11:01

Massive differences in water bills across the country

In News, Portugal - 22 Nov 2022, 11:05

170,000 on sick leave

In News, Portugal - 28 Nov 2022, 10:04

Weather warning increases to orange

In News, Portugal - 23 Nov 2022, 08:33


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Ronaldo misses Portugal training

In News - 30 Nov 2022, 15:43

New notifications for renewing driving licences

In News, Portugal - 30 Nov 2022, 14:04

Alentejo care home workers win the lottery

In News, Portugal - 30 Nov 2022, 13:04

Portuguese presenter arrested for fraud

In News, Portugal, Crime - 01 Dec 2022, 18:10

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30 Nov 2022, 20:03

Golden visa homes still being bought in Lisbon and Porto

In 2022 there were 808 authorisations given for the purchase of properties though the...
In News, Portugal, Property - 01 Dec 2022, 10:03

HIV cases continue to decline in Portugal

The number of new cases of HIV infection has maintained a downward trend over the past...
In News, Portugal - 01 Dec 2022, 09:02

Tourism sector struggling to recruit

The hotel and tourism industry saw the difficulty in recruiting employees increase in...
In News, Business, Portugal, Tourism - 01 Dec 2022, 08:01

Rail complaints up 66%

Delays and cancellations of trains, a lack of information, problems with buying tickets...
In News, Portugal - 30 Nov 2022, 19:05

€1 million for Ukraine

The Minister of Foreign Affairs has announced that Portugal will make a contribution of...
In News, Portugal, World - 30 Nov 2022, 18:02

Plans to increase Algarve desalination plant capacity

The Government wants to increase the planned capacity for the future desalination plant...
In News, Portugal, Environment, Algarve - 30 Nov 2022, 16:03

Two identified for Algarve hit and run incidents

The GNR has accused two people of alleged involvement in two hit-and-run accidents which...
In News, Portugal, Crime, Algarve - 30 Nov 2022, 15:51

Open House Covid-19 vaccines now available for over 60’s

The Open House programme for booster vaccinations against Covid-19 (commonly known as the...
In News, COVID-19, Portugal - 30 Nov 2022, 15:27

Marcelo discusses education in Qatar

In Portugal - 30 Nov 2022, 15:01

More Europeans struggling to pay the bills

In News, Europe - 30 Nov 2022, 12:02

Portugal v Uruguay game beats viewer records

In News, Portugal, Sport - 30 Nov 2022, 11:03

Santarém airport option a "strategic error"

In News, Portugal, Lisbon - 30 Nov 2022, 09:03

Eye drop product recall

In News, Portugal - 30 Nov 2022, 08:46


2.2 million Portuguese phone numbers for sale on the Internet

There are 500 million phone numbers for sale on the Internet, after a massive leak of data from Facebook users, and among them...
In News, Portugal, Crime - 30 Nov 2022, 08:02

Portugal to reinforce Ukraine contribution

The Minister of Foreign Affairs has announced that Portugal will reinforce its...
In News, Portugal, World - 29 Nov 2022, 20:04

Strike causing national rail disruptions

In News - 29 Nov 2022, 18:04

Foreign companies paying 42.7% more than Portuguese companies

In News, Portugal, Business - 29 Nov 2022, 17:17

Cocaine in PlayStation seized at Porto Airport

In News, Portugal - 29 Nov 2022, 17:06

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A camera and Nature: the work of Ângelo Jesus

Sometimes a vocation arises from more introspective moments or even leisure. This is exactly what happened to Ângelo Jesus, a...
In Lifestyle, Environment - 30 Nov 2022, 19:01

The Golden Future

In the golden future everyone will recognise that number vibrations were set in the...
In Curiosity

The bright and joyful Meire Gomes

Painting the world a better place - one electricity box, wall and bus stop at a time...
In Algarve, Lifestyle

AlgarveLisbonPorto & NorthAlentejoCentralMadeira & Azores

Algarve Walking Meetup

In 2019, Jonny Brittain founded an international group for walking lovers which has now grown to around 600 members and has had...
In Community, Events, Algarve - 30 Nov 2022, 18:01

Bethlehem Village

The idea of Bethlehem Village is to transform our property into an interactive enactment...
In Community, Events, Algarve - 30 Nov 2022, 14:01

Ronaldo claims World Cup goal: "The ball touched me"

In News, Portugal, Sport - 29 Nov 2022, 13:30

Euthanasia “is a dangerous leap into the unknown”

In News, Portugal, Politics - 29 Nov 2022, 13:05

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Lisbon one of the happiest cities in the world

In News, Portugal, Lisbon - 29 Nov 2022, 12:03

End of discrimination between resident and non-residents in real estate capital gains

In News, Portugal, Property - 24 Nov 2022, 11:29

Are you travelling to Lisbon to SEF? What you need to know

In Opinion - 18 Nov 2022, 20:04

EuropeUnited KingdomNorth AmericaSouth AmericaAsiaAfrica

Facebook fine

Meta, the company behind Facebook, has been fined a whopping €265 million by the data privacy regulator in Ireland...
In Europe, World - 01 Dec 2022, 19:01

Historic goal

While Canada may not be progressing out of the World Cup 2022 group stages, the team has...
In North America, World - 01 Dec 2022, 18:01

Mass nude photo

In World - 01 Dec 2022, 17:01

Putin shares “mothers pain”

In Europe, World - 01 Dec 2022, 15:01

Blank paper protest

In Asia, World - 01 Dec 2022, 14:01

Ancient snacks found

In Europe, World - 01 Dec 2022, 13:01

Gibraltar to remain “100% British”

In Europe, World - 01 Dec 2022, 12:01

French feeling happy

In Europe, World - 01 Dec 2022, 11:01

EconomyCompany NewsFinanceConsumer RightsCrypto

This investment is part of the strategic plan which includes wind, solar, green hydrogen and energy storage technologies.

Cheaper energy coming soon

The Minister of Economy has stated that Portugal will have, in the medium term, cheaper and more competitive energy, noting that...
In News, Business, Portugal - 28 Nov 2022, 20:04

Which foods haven risen in price most this week?

Since the beginning of the war, "meat and dairy are the categories with the biggest price...
In News, Portugal, Economy - 28 Nov 2022, 16:07

4 day week? A third of employers say it will only benefit workers

In News, Portugal, Business - 27 Nov 2022, 16:02

Large companies lead in relocating services abroad

In News, Portugal, Business - 27 Nov 2022, 14:05

How much was most expensive Uber Eats order in Portugal?

In News, Business, Portugal - 26 Nov 2022, 19:04


A Possible Financial Storm on the UK Horizon

by Mark Penney, Consultant at Émigré LDA
In Invest - 30 Nov 2022, 12:01

Did You Forget Your U.S. International Reporting Obligations?

by Severiano E. Ortiz, Partner in the Washington, D.C. office of Kozusko Harris...
In Invest - 18 Nov 2022, 09:01

Nashville, Lisbon’s unlikely American ‘Twin’

In Invest - 17 Nov 2022, 11:01

Cascais: The Portuguese Riviera

In Invest - 12 Oct 2022, 09:01

Google searches for relocating to Portugal are at an all-time high

In Invest - 07 Oct 2022, 12:01

Portuguese buyers lead the charge as house prices rise

In Invest - 30 Sep 2022, 13:31

Comporta and Melides, the hidden gems in Portugal

In Invest - 22 Sep 2022, 11:33

Porto Residential Market

In Invest - 16 Sep 2022, 13:01

New demand profiles in Lisbon are clamouring for new supply in the prime residential segment

In Invest - 12 Sep 2022, 17:01

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200,000 signed up for World Youth Day

More than 200,000 people have registered to date for World Youth Day (WYD), which takes place between 1 and 6 August 2023 in...
In News, Property, Events, Lisbon - 29 Nov 2022, 11:04

Lizzo coming to Portugal

Lizzo will be making her big debut in Portugal, on 7 July, at the 15th edition of NOS...
In News, Portugal, Events, Music, Lisbon - 29 Nov 2022, 10:42

How self-improvement has become a toxic trend

In Lifestyle - 27 Nov 2022, 16:01

TravelHidden GemsBeach of the week

Vueling strike with “limited” effects on flights

The strike at the Vueling airline has had a limited effect, according to the company, which says it is able to operate 90% of the...
In News, Portugal, Tourism - 27 Nov 2022, 17:04

5 reasons Tampa makes a great city break

America’s Sunshine State has long tourists across the pond with the promise of sublime...
In Lifestyle, North America, Travel - 27 Nov 2022, 15:01


Mortgage rates to rise by up to €92 next year

The rise in Euribor particularly affects the Portuguese, since around 90% of mortgage loan contracts are at a variable rate....
In News, Portugal, Property - 27 Nov 2022, 12:02

Rents up 42% in ten years, double GDP per capita

The average monthly rent in Portugal was €334 at the end of last year, 42.1% more than...
In News, Portugal, Property - 26 Nov 2022, 18:03

Number of houses increasing at “much slower pace”

In News, Portugal, Property - 24 Nov 2022, 18:05


Congratulations Portugal!

Prime Minister, António Costa, has congratulated the Portuguese men’s football team, after they qualified for the next round...
In News, Portugal, Sport - 29 Nov 2022, 07:43

Over 2 million tune in to Portugal game

Almost 2.4 million people watched Portugal's victory against Ghana in the 2022 World Cup,...
In News, Portugal, Sport - 27 Nov 2022, 13:23

Portugal wins against Ghana

In Sport - 24 Nov 2022, 17:59

Another record for Ronaldo

In Sport, Portugal - 24 Nov 2022, 17:39

No tickets for Portugal Rugby World Cup games left

In News, Portugal, Sport - 24 Nov 2022, 17:05


World’s oldest cat is same age as new owner at 27

The world’s oldest cat has been rehomed with a new owner who is the same age.
In Weird, United Kingdom - 24 Nov 2022, 18:01

Lisbon one of the most attractive European cities to live

The Portuguese capital is in 10th place on the list of the most attractive cities to live...
In News, Portugal, Tourism, Weird, Lisbon - 16 Oct 2022, 18:04

200 year old King's heart set to arrive in Porto

In News, Weird - 09 Sep 2022, 13:01

Boris Johnson emerges as most popular prime minister… among novelty jug buyers

In Weird - 06 Aug 2022, 16:01

Anne, eight, breaks record by naming every capital and currency in the world

In Weird - 25 Jul 2022, 20:01

The Rolling Stones invite Ukrainian choir to perform on stage in Vienna

In Curiosity , Weird, Music - 19 Jul 2022, 18:01

Living chess set featuring 32 actors turns heads at London’s ChessFest

In Weird - 19 Jul 2022, 17:01

‘Greeters Guild’ comedian waves baffled Man City players off on pre-season tour

In Weird - 19 Jul 2022, 08:01

YouTuber gets planning permission for tunnel under his garden to bunker

In Weird - 25 Jun 2022, 18:01


Average daily Covid-19 cases drops to 749

The transmissibility index (Rt) of the virus that causes Covid-19 is on the threshold of 1.00 in Portugal and the average number...
In News, COVID-19, Portugal - 25 Nov 2022, 13:03

Masks mandatory on flights to and from Brazil

Masks will once again be mandatory on flights to and from Brazil, with the measure coming...
In News, Portugal, World, South America, COVID-19 - 24 Nov 2022, 15:34

Other News

€1.6 million heist

Celtic golden coins, worth an estimated €1.6 million have been stolen from a museum in...
In Europe, World - 01 Dec 2022, 10:01

Itchy students

A new campaign has begun in the Netherlands as the number of cases of scabies in the...
In Europe, World - 01 Dec 2022, 09:01

Flow (FLOW) and VeChain (VET) leave holders unhappy as Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) sells out first stage of presale with 260% growth

November has been a turbulent month for crypto, with the crash of FTX causing shockwaves...
In Crypto - 01 Dec 2022, 08:31

Museum identity crisis

A museum in London has announced the closure of one of its exhibits after branding it...
In United Kingdom, World - 01 Dec 2022, 08:01

The Pros & Cons of Community Colleges

Choosing what college to attend is a hard task. You are now probably in your last...
In Education - 30 Nov 2022, 11:01

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) sells out of stage one presale while Chainlink (LINK) and Cronos (CRO) fluctuate wildly

Orbeon Protocol, a decentralized investment platform with built in wallet and native...
In Crypto - 30 Nov 2022, 08:01

Retirement age to remain the same

In News - 29 Nov 2022, 15:05

Temperatures dropping in Portugal

In News, Portugal - 29 Nov 2022, 11:52

Weather warning issued

In News, Portugal - 29 Nov 2022, 10:01

Monkeypox to now be known as “mpox”

In News, World - 29 Nov 2022, 08:03