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Portuguese director awarded for best film

Tiago Guedes’s film “Restos do Vento” has been awarded the prize for the best film at the Ourense Film Festival in Spain...
In Portugal, Entertainment - 01 Oct 2022, 12:02

Where to visit House of the Dragon locations in Portugal

In Portugal, Entertainment - 24 Aug 2022, 19:01



Grândola hosts Feira de Agosto

Between 2 and 29  August, the Feira de Agosto takes place in Grândola, in the district of Setúbal, with a focus on music...
In Alentejo, Entertainment - 21 Aug 2022, 08:00

New album from World music band Plasticine

The Algarve World music band Plasticine who opened this year’s edition of Festival MED...
In Entertainment, Algarve, Music, Portugal - 19 Aug 2022, 20:01

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Surf Experience Music Festival returns to Lagos

The Surf Experience Lagos Music Festival has smashed their crowdfunder goal reaching over €6,000 for local charities!
In Community, Algarve, Other Events - 02 Oct 2022, 19:01

Younger-looking skin

When considering undergoing a medical procedure to rejuvenate the skin, it is crucial to...
In Health for the new age

Melanoma increases due to benign disease - Not sunlight

I was recently sent a report from the British Journal of Dermatology which...
In Opinion

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Fast & Furious filming causing road closures

The A24 will be closed to traffic from today until Wednesday, each day from 6am to 8pm,...
In News, Portugal, Entertainment - 11 Jul 2022, 13:05

Rolling Loud Festival comes to the Algarve

Rolling Loud, the self-styled biggest hip-hop festival in the world, debuts this month in...
In Portugal, Entertainment, Events, Music, Algarve - 04 Jul 2022, 17:04

Best Browsers for Browser Games

Among fans of digital gaming, the browser issue has a fundamental value since it often...
In Entertainment - 15 Jun 2022, 09:31

Boomers flocking to Portugal

Idanha-a-Nova will host Boom Festival from 22 July to 29, with around 41,000 visitors from...
In Portugal, Events, Entertainment, Music - 12 Jun 2022, 17:08

FUEL TV expands channel offer on Xiaomi MiTV+

In Entertainment - 26 May 2022, 16:05