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Heat waves and dust clouds return to Portugal

The IPMA predicts temperatures above 30 degrees on Wednesday, a public holiday in the country, however Saharan dust clouds...
In News, Portugal - 03 Oct 2022, 20:02

What products have risen most in price in Portugal?

In News, Portugal, Economy - 03 Oct 2022, 19:06

New petition to end bullfighting in Portugal

In News, Portugal - 03 Oct 2022, 18:05

Where Is Everybody? (The Human Speed Limit)

In Opinion - 03 Oct 2022, 18:01

32 reservoirs with less than 40% water

In News, Portugal - 03 Oct 2022, 17:03

More Brits now able to obtain new residency card

In News - 03 Oct 2022, 15:46



Civil service pay increase

Anticipating a rise in the national minimum wage, the Government has raised the remuneration base for the Civil Service by around...
In News, Portugal, Economy - 03 Oct 2022, 15:04

Body in river could be missing Algarve woman

The authorities have today recovered from the Gilão river, in Tavira, a body that could...
In News, Portugal, Algarve - 03 Oct 2022, 13:51

Manchester United have “disrespected” Ronaldo

In News, Sport - 03 Oct 2022, 12:03

Negative impact of more Lisbon night flights highlighted

In Portugal, News - 03 Oct 2022, 10:01

State earns €580,000 a day from lotteries and scratch cards

In News, Portugal - 03 Oct 2022, 08:08

Plans to cut motorway speed limits

In News, Portugal - 02 Oct 2022, 20:04

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Surf Experience Music Festival returns to Lagos

The Surf Experience Lagos Music Festival has smashed their crowdfunder goal reaching over €6,000 for local charities!
In Community, Algarve, Other Events - 02 Oct 2022, 19:01

Younger-looking skin

When considering undergoing a medical procedure to rejuvenate the skin, it is crucial to...
In Health for the new age

Melanoma increases due to benign disease - Not sunlight

I was recently sent a report from the British Journal of Dermatology which...
In Opinion


Former President accuses Costa and Government of "immobilism"

The former President of the Republic, Aníbal Cavaco Silva,has  argued that Prime Minister António Costa and the Government...
In News, Portugal, Politics - 02 Oct 2022, 13:03

Sustainable support programme for the Arts

The Minister of Culture, Pedro Adão e Silva, has announced  that sustained support...
In News, Portugal, Politics - 01 Oct 2022, 09:04

Government wants municipalities to monitor urban road speeds

In News, Politics - 12 Sep 2022, 09:01

Editor's Choice

“Uniting the country” with new high speed rail link

In News, Portugal - 28 Sep 2022, 13:04


"Phishing" scam warning

The Cybercrime Bureau of the Attorney General's Office has warned that "a criminal 'phishing' campaign is underway, misusing the...
In News, Crime - 01 Oct 2022, 13:03

Man arrested on suspicion of child human trafficking

The Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) announced that it detained a foreign citizen at...
In News, Portugal, Crime - 29 Sep 2022, 14:22

Minister acknowledges domestic violence is a "huge scourge”

In News, Crime - 24 Sep 2022, 13:03

PM and other politicians personal data leaked

In News, Portugal, Crime - 23 Sep 2022, 16:02

Women convicted of Algarve illegal immigration

In News, Portugal, Crime - 19 Sep 2022, 11:03

Opinion PiecesLetters

A "sick person" with his finger hovering over the nuclear button

There are renewed concerns about Russia launching a tactical nuclear attack. It is believed that the possibility is far greater...
In Opinion - 02 Oct 2022, 13:01

Britannia Unhinged

“The Queen’s final act of service to the nation was to selflessly buy the economy one...
In Opinion - 29 Sep 2022, 14:01

History teaches us that economists learn nothing from history

In Opinion - 28 Sep 2022, 13:01

Is Putin Bluffing About Nukes?

In Opinion - 27 Sep 2022, 18:01

Economics vs the laws of unintended consequences

In Opinion - 21 Sep 2022, 20:01

Planetary Defense

In Opinion - 21 Sep 2022, 12:01

Ukraine: The Risk of a Ceasefire Dwindles

In Opinion - 12 Sep 2022, 19:01

In Defence of Whistle-Blowers (and Donald Trump)

In Opinion - 10 Sep 2022, 18:01


When numbers finally made sense to a language addict

I was never much into numbers, until I was told they told stories. And so numbers spoke and spilled all the beans. 
In Curiosity , Education - 30 Sep 2022, 09:01

What teenagers and Portuguese learners have in common

Tell me what kind of a teen you were, and I’ll tell you what kind of a Portuguese...
In Curiosity , Portugal, Education - 23 Sep 2022, 13:01

Youths facing language barriers

In Education, News - 06 Sep 2022, 17:03

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Sustainability Renature

Ria de Aveiro Shipwrecks: Archaeology, Dredgeology and Mayhem – A tale of five wrecks

On Tuesday 4th October the Algarve Archaeological Association (AAA) will be presenting two lectures, in English, by...
In Community, Events, Algarve, Sustainability , Environment - 01 Oct 2022, 19:01

Urgent Climate action needed

Environmental association Zero has warned  that the window to limit temperature rise...
In News, Portugal, Environment - 01 Oct 2022, 10:03

Angela Merkel heading to Portugal

In News, Environment - 28 Sep 2022, 09:04

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Record breaking overnight stays in August

Tourist accommodation recorded 3.4 million guests and 9.9 million overnight stays, in...
In News, Portugal, Tourism - 02 Oct 2022, 19:04

Live Smart in Lisbon, Europe’s Smartest City

Lisbon’s ‘smart city’ status and European Green Capital Award are drawing in new...
In News, Portugal, Business, Lisbon - 02 Oct 2022, 17:04

Portugal given single-use plastics deadline

The European Commission has given Portugal two months to adopt legislation on...
In News, Portugal - 02 Oct 2022, 12:02

Monkeypox cases continue to rise

The number of confirmed cases of infection with the Monkeypox virus in Portugal rose to...
In News, Portugal - 02 Oct 2022, 11:02

1,600 elderly victims supported in 2021

Around 1,600 elderly victims of crime and violence were supported last year by the...
In News, Portugal - 02 Oct 2022, 10:03

Mini-Libraries take reading to all of Loulé

“Free Books - Take, Read and Give Back" is the name of a new project by the Sophia de...
In News - 02 Oct 2022, 09:01

Looking for the best MBA in the world? Portugal has two

In News, Business, Portugal - 01 Oct 2022, 19:01

Fuel prices to rise again

In News, Portugal - 01 Oct 2022, 17:01